Free Web Turkey

Free Web Turkey

The Free Web Turkey platform, our association being among its constituents, has been established in February 2020 against interventions of censorship and against freedom of expression.

Censorship in the internet environment and the number of blocked websites in Turkey has been rapidly increasing in recent years. This also restricts the freedom of expression and other freedoms such as access in internet environments. In order to take a mutual and strong position against the censorship on the internet and to develop projects for raising awareness on the matter, the Free Web Turkey Platform has been established in February 2020.

The constituents of the platform are as follows: The Media and Law Studies Association, the Alternative Informatics Association, the Common Knowledge and Communication Association, the Pirate Party Movement of Turkey, Istanbul Hackerspace and SUB Press.

Various news and articles regarding blocked websites and internet censorship can be reached via the website of the Free Web Turkey Platform.

In order to fight the block of access and censorship in the internet environments and raise awareness, Free Web Turkey will organize various trainings and workshops throughout 2020.